Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why would I buy a Church Pew?

Here is what I have been working on. I am sanding two of these old church pews that came from one of the first churches in Burley, Idaho. I am finishing them in a Dark Walnut. I love the way dark wood stands out when you pair it with a light colored wall.

When I went to buy my sanding supplies I had it in mind to buy an electric sander but when I priced them I changed my mind.  So I left the store with a sanding block and various grits of sandpaper. By the way the guy at Ace Hardware was super nice and patient with me as I picked out paint colors for my other projects. Anyway now  I am kicking myself for buying old school sanding supplies. My time is precious and  sanding an entire church pew with a sanding block takes....


Today I borrowed an electric sander from my Dad until I get back to town to buy one of my own. I'm also putting coveralls on my list because my clothes are a shade whiter form all the dust! Keep coming back to see the progress. I hope to have it done soon!

These are some of the possibilities with an old church pew. Take a look!

I plan on putting mine in my Porch/Entry/Laundry Room/Pantry. I'll explain this part of my house later. 

I love the fact that you have space underneath so that you can put baskets under the bench for added storage. Since I don't have much space in my porch the space under the bench would be great for  shoes and backpacks.

Look how you can cute it up with some nice throw pillows.

I sat in my church pew the other night and it was super comfy. As it is still outside I enjoyed the night sky and the stars. Iv'e thought about just keeping it outside for extra seating outdoors.

 But I still love the looks of them in an entry way!

Leave a comment on where you would put yours!

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