Monday, May 20, 2013

SLIPCOVERS: Before and After with a Supply List

I am so excited to have a slipcover made for my couch! I have been putting it off like a few other projects. WHY? Because I was afraid to mess it up! Let me tell you .... You are NEVER going to learn to swim by dipping your toe in the water. 

So last week I decided to just jump in and give it a try. I am giddy with the outcome. It's not PERFECT by any means but I like it much better than before. 

I had fun with this and learned some new things. I have a list of supplies you need to do this as well as a few tips I will be sharing later.
Here are the before and after pictures! Did I tell you I'm so glad to have it checked off my list of 'To-Dos' 


...... and AFTER!

This is what was on my supply list:

      • 10 oz weight cotton canvas ( used about 7 yards)
      •  Dual Duty Heavy Thread ( used one plus some of the other spool)
      • Fabric Scissors
      • Sewing machine .. of course!
      • Zipper Foot 
      • Denim Needle
      • Pins
      • Cording
      • Measure Tape
      • Iron (optional)

Now time for you to jump in!!


  1. Looks great! Slipcovers are a lot of work. Your work certainly paid off!

    1. Thanks for you much loved complement! I feel good about getting something accomplished that does takes a lot of time and effort.

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  3. I think it turned out great! It looks really cute.