Monday, May 27, 2013

Treasured Finds

Hello Friends! I did a little shopping this Memorial Day weekend.  There just so happened to be an Estate Sale only 20 minutes away from me! Why was I so excited for that.... because an Estate Sale near me is a rarity. Nobody sells their home around here. Most homes just stay in the family. I usually drive an hour to get where they are held more regular.

..... Anyway I was super excited to just take a peak at a sale so close! I drug my four little ones out of bed Saturday morning  to make the little drive. They were troopers! It was an old farmhouse that had been collecting items for about 60 years. Unfortunately there wasn't as much stuff as I expected. But I did come out with a few treasures. These shutter doors were one of the things I got there.

I have been hunting for shutter doors for quite some time. They didn't have a price on them as they were still attached to a closet in one of the rooms. I thought I would ask to see if they would think about parting with them. I was secretly excited when a deal was made. Stay tuned to see what I do with them!

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