Monday, July 1, 2013

Chalk Paint Label Tutorial

There is just something about chalkboards that give a space a vintage feel. For me it takes me back to my childhood sitting in our two classroom grade school. This little school welcomed students from K- 6th with two teachers. I remember watching my teacher write an assignment on the board with that white piece of chalk and the sound of chalk on the board is still crisp in my  mind. It was at that time that I wanted to be a school teacher so that I could write on the chalk board. 

Well decades later I am not a school teacher nor do I have a giant chalk board in my home to play with but I did find a way to relive a shadow of the past. The recipe for the trip down memory lane calls for 
RUST-OLEUM Chalk Board Paint and Shipping Labels!!

Take a look at the Chalk Board Label Tutorial.
First you will need:
  • Rust-oleum Chalk Board Spray Paint ( $3.97 @ Wal-mart)
  •  Labels of Preference ( I used the 100 ct 2 x 4" shipping labels from Wal-mart for $6)
  • White Chalk

After I shook the can really well I found a dust free place to my labels. I applied the paint about 8" away from the paper and swept it back and forth overlapping a little with each pass.

After the first coat quickly dried  I applied a second coat.

The color turned out well but it is a little tricky knowing where each label begins and ends. 

I sharpened a piece of white chalk by simply rubbing it to a point on fine sand paper. This makes the writing tip finer to draw with.

I made a few different kinds of labels to organize my pantry. Here are the flour and sugar jars I needed to label.   You can purchase these Montana Glass Jars for a decent price at Target here. I bought mine on sale a while back. I love them!

This is how they turned out with the labels.

I also used the labels in my laundry room for my OxyClean and my dryer sheets. You also buy these penny candy canisters here

I put these canisters on a cookie sheet I bought from a thrift store to catch any spills and they tend to collect change and bolts that I occasionally find in pockets until I send them to the lost and found boxes.

I liked the way these turned out and they took no time at all to do. Plus you know how I love chalk and chalk boards! 
TIP**Unless you plan on erasing and rewriting them I would do a final spray of a clear coat to protect them from curious fingers!

Hope you have fun at home making your own easy vintage labels!!!


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