Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Easy NO ZIPPER Slipcover Pillows Tutorial

Store bought pillows often have no zipper or way to remove the pillow cover when it needs washed leaving pillows looking dingy after time.  In this tutorial you will learn how to make your own pillows with good quality fabric that can be removed for washing with the convenience of no zipper to sew in. And my favorite part ..... IT WAS CHEAP!

Next time you make your way down the fabric sample isle don't just look for your favorite fabrics to test at home, grab up your favorite colors that would match your decor a  for a simple pillow project. Most sample sizes are a 16" square. I bought mine for a $1 a piece on sale! So much cheaper than buying yardage when some fabrics range from $20 - $40 a yard.

Oh and while your there you will need:

  • Thread ( to match)
  • 3/8 " Grosgrain Ribbon... 1 yd per Pillow ( cream or white matches everything)
  • 16" x 16" pillow insert ( unless you have some at home or can spot an ugly pillow at a thrift store for it's pillow form)

 These are the samples I picked out. A front and a back for 6 pillows.

Lets Gets Started:

 1. Wash your fabric to prevent shrinkage.

2. Place right sides together.
 ( If one piece is smaller than the other by a little bit place it on top where you can see it to use as a guide. Other words you might not catch the smaller piece with your stitches if it is on the bottom.)

3. Start sewing about 2" from the corner eyeing your footer as your seam allowance guide. Be sure to do a reverse stitch to prevent stitch from unraveling. You can see how my foot is at the edge of my top fabric. STOP at the corner with your needle DOWN (as pictured). 

 3. Lift your sewing foot up to rotate your fabric.

 4. Remember to put your foot back down and start sewing again until all three sides are sewn.

 5. On the forth side where you started only sew in about 2" leaving an opening for your pillow form. Remember to back stitch to prevent stitches from unraveling.

 (Here you can see the back stitch at the tip of my finger.)

 7. Fold fabric down starting at the back stitch and you can pin the fold down till you reach the other back stitch.

 8. Sew at the edge of your fold removing pins as you go.

 (The blue side is finished. It looks wavy because the blue fabric had a knit to it. You won't notice it when the sides are tied.)

 9. Repeat process for the other side.

(Be careful not to stitch the to sides together.)

 10. Now take your grosgrain ribbon and cut three 12" strips.
  ( I used the width of my machine as a guide.)

 11. Fold the strips in half and cut them to give you six strips.

 12. With the raveling edges you will need to singe the edges with a flame.

 (Don't put the ribbon directly over the flame or you will have a black ribbon from soot. Just hold them at the edge of the flame.)

 (Now you have clean edges.)

 12. Lay out your pillow and evenly mark three spots for your ties to be. Sew them on with a back stick method.
 ( My spaces were about 2 or 2 1/2" apart.)

 13. Repeat with the other side lining up the ribbon ties and remembering not to catch fabric underneath.

 ( This is what mine looked like when I was done)

 14. Fold pillow cover right side out and insert pillow.

 15. Lastly tie your ribbons to close your opening.

 ( Place your ribbon side down on the couch as you would with your zippered pillow or show off the cute bows!)

  This is a simple way to keep your pillows fresh and clean!

 Have a great day!


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  1. Love this. I haven't seen fabric samples for sale. Which store did you get them at?

    1. Eilis I got these at JoAnns fabric and craft store. They are great because they are already surged at the edges. Hope you can find some at a store near you. Online samples are only 8" squares. Have a great day!

  2. I love this Sadie! Thanks so much for the tutorial!


  3. This is genius and looks great! Love it! Pinning!

  4. Thanks Jenna! I give the credit the for the idea to the lady I ran into shopping at JoAnns. She had the brilliant idea of turning the samples into pillows. She had her arms loaded! I was glad I could try it out myself. Next time I go back I'll get seasonal colors for fall.