Monday, September 16, 2013

Inspire Me Monday!!!! #3

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! This last week was a busy one followed by a busy weekend. Glad to start fresh again. Here are some inspirations for you all! 

Canned peaches.... a part of my week. Oh boy will I love them this winter. It will be worth all the sticky hard work :) 

Every time I slice into a peach while the water bath is boiling I think back when I was a kid canning along side my Mom.We would always save a few peaches to slice up and sprinkle with sugar for breakfast or a delicious snack. I am feeling very grateful for a Mom who has taught me so much.

 Peonies must be a big part of my subconsciousness. I had a dream about them last night. I was going for a walk and came upon  a beautiful garden of  them in the middle of September. With such a beautiful sight I wondered who the gardener was and what their trick was to keeping them blooming for so long.
I am grateful for natures beauty God has so graciously  blessed us with. 

Nights are getting cooler and the leaves are showing the ever so slightest signs that fall is just around the corner. This table setting is great with the grapevines and the Cinderella pumpkins. I am excited for fall!

Loving the old farmhouse with the porch. I love the simplicity of a small home. As long as there are beds and a dinner table you can make it a home. No need for an over sized house. Just more space to clean right. Sometimes I wish for a little more room but in all reality I couldn't be happier with a little house with a lot of personalities inside running around  barefoot.

If you haven't noticed I have a thing for blues and whites. I love all other colors too but this little bathroom looks calm an collected. ... and very clean..... no toothpaste smears on the sink.

As the new week approaches and a new list of maybe even the same old things get scribbled on out paper I hope we can all  keep our chins up and take pride in being who we are and can make a difference for the better.

It can be done!


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