Sunday, September 8, 2013

Inspire Me Monday!! #2

Another week has come and gone. Monday is here once again and I am rejuvenated and fueled for a new week ahead. I have a little list of goals this week and hope to tackle them with an attitude of excitement. Do you  have a few goals in mind? Here are a few things that have given me inspiration to keep me going with the  sometimes monotonous tasks a Woman can have.


How about this lovely laundry room. (Notice the empty baskets) All clothes are washed a put away! Beautiful fresh colors scream clean!

Come right in to this cute house. Storage under a little sitting bench keeps this entry tidy. I am going to work on our entry with my kids so it isn't a constant drop zone on the floor for shoes, toys, bags, papers, coats ..... you name it. 

Can this linen closet be any cuter? I am liking the glass doors to see all the folds. Everything in its place!

All these are inspirations for a happy home. 

It can be done!!

Have a great Monday! A new week to conquer!


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