Sunday, September 22, 2013

Inspire Me Monday!! #4

Hello Friends! Happy Monday to you all! I had a great week and hope to get some more posts in to show you what I have been up to. For now a few things inspirational.

So I am sharing a picture of my laundry room on one of its better days for my own boost of inspiration. It looks oh so good in this shot but at the moment the dryer is covered in loose ends from pockets. Lots of shirts that are being spotted for stains and some more of this and that.... And if you could see the floor now it is littered in dirty clothes piles ready to wash..... needless to say.... I want my laundry room back and I'm going to get it done!

I love the chairs in this next picture. I've got two in my dining room to refinish and I am excited to get them done. 

This old chair is  a happy home for a few Cinderella pumpkins. It just needs some color like some pretty purple or red mums at the side. I am loving fall!

With hunting season full on I have to post this antler bowl. I have seen antlers in a lot of beautiful homes that aren't necessarily your typical rustic lodge home and it adds some fun natural elements. 

Not all things decor inspire me. This simple picture of a child's hand clinging to it's mother's hand speaks more that words can. These little hands are what inspire me most. I'm glad I get to care for my four beautiful children. These past few weeks I have really gone out of my way to find more time to really play with them and listen to them. To sit on the floor with them and laugh with them. 

I might not get all I want to get done in a day but I sure am glad I can spend it with them. I need to realize more often that the messes in a house can just wait and kids will be kids. They won't be kids forever. 

Someday I just might miss those fingerprints on the windows. Enjoy the moments that matter!

Hope you all have a great week and can conquer your to-do lists. 

It can be done!


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