Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New News!! Read all about it!

Hello there friends!!! I am so excited for some new events happening now! 

# ONE: Company of 7 Designs will be officially wearing it's name. My family of 6 is expecting #7 this January!!!!! 
When I was coming up with a name for my business/blog, I wanted it to represent everything about me. My family means everything to me and they come first in my life. Hence my absence from the blogging world. I have been getting all my ducks in row!

# TWO: I have recently been taking some college courses to work towards a bachelors degree. I will have a year under my belt at the end of December!!! Super excited about that!!

# THREE:  To help ring in the holidays, there is a great workshop coming up December 5th, called
  It is put on by a fantastic group of gals who together has created a outlet for inspiring women with dreams and goals called "RADIANT ORIGINALS". 

They host an event for women every quarter and this December they will be teaching us the lost art of calligraphy as well as showing us some new and fun ways to gift wrap. Both will be great for the days fast approaching! Check out the event HERE to join with me! Tickets can be purchased HERE! It will be a great night with good company and lots of goodies!

A NEW YEAR IS APPROACHING!!!! All together I'm excited to welcome the changes!

I'll be seeing you soon!


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