About me:

I am a "Stay at Home Mom" of four who loves to wear that title. I love anything old with a story and Chocolate Covered Craisins. If I could visit anywhere it would be the South where there is a thick forest of history, antiques, and beautiful old homes. My love for decorating began when I was very young with a mother who encouraged me to try sewing and let me decorate and rearrange things at home. Looking back she must have been a very patient Mommy. I love you Mom! I also contribute my strong will to my dear Father whom I heard say growing up and will never forget "You can do anything if you put your mind to it." I wouldn't be who I am without good parents, good friends, a good husband and kids, and a loving God that I know cares and helps me everyday.

About The Business:

A thought has turned into an idea. An Idea has turned into a plan. And my plan is making way. Right now I am working on my portfolio in hopes of reaching out to offer different services to people with the same love for Home Decor and Refinished Furniture. Keep checking back for what is new! I am super excited for the future!

About The Blog:

Someone once asked me "How could you do a blog with all your kids?" I love my little ones more than anything in the world but melted crayons, graham cracker crumbs, occasional tantrums, and loads of laundry can wear a woman out! 

I needed an outlet that I could still  be plugged into standby Mommy mode and take a break to recharge my battery without leaving the house. That's where the blog fits into my world. It is rejuvenating connecting with others that share the same interests as me and sharing ideas to make our homes beautiful and pleasant while working around the crumbs and crayons. 

I also feel a sense of accountability when it comes to getting projects done. I can't leave you hangin!

 And lastly I hope to build my business refinishing furniture by sharing the things I have done.

 Hope you stick around with me!


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