Monday, September 2, 2013

Inspire Me Monday!!

I don't know about you but some Mondays I need need a little push and shove of inspiration to get my week going right. After the weekend tornado has come and gone it is always good to see some decor goodness to aspire to and get my home on the right track again. Seeing lovely things and spaces that are in order please my eyes! 
I also love before and afters of things askew. I think to myself "I can do that too!" (the putting things in order part.....believe me I can do askew!). I'm such nerd I go as far as taking photos of my own chaos and then snapping pics of the goodness that follows a hard days work of cleaning and rearranging. Someday I will get brave enough to show you my stash of pictures. I like to go through them once in a while. Sooooo.... enough rambling.... I would like to share some of the goodness I see that inspires me!


A lovely box to hold neatly folded blankets....... better than wadded on the floor.

OH LOOK!!! A tiny kitchen like mine! It can be done! Everything in its place with a nice flowing color scheme.

And BLUE BLISS! I love the glass door to display the "cutesies". And I'm sure inside the drawers and  doors are the holding grounds for only functional and practical things that an everyday house would need!

It can be done!

Have a great Monday!


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