Friday, July 26, 2013


I have a good friend who lives down the road from me and she is wonderful. She has been busy with a remodel in her pantry and laundry room!  (I swear these two rooms are the most crucial when it comes to running a smooth ship. Got to feed those kids and wash their clothes!) She called me the other day and was telling me about her progress. We talked about color and decor. She is smart and likes to use her resources. 

That a Girl!

She has an old galvanized pail that has been used to feed her family of goats with but it has a hole and no use for holding water anymore. She would like to incorporate it with her decor so last night I did some looking around and I found a lot of neat things for those buckets with or with out holes in them!

(all pics are taken from pinterest, follow me there to find the sources)

Ok so this isn't a pail but it's galvanized! Doesn't this look like a good Halloween idea. Where to find some curly twigs now?

Here is a pail now with some beautiful flowers. Very springy and light! 
P.S.You would have to use the vase within a vase trick with a hole in a bucket.

The other day on DECOR STEALS they had some sphere wires not exactly like this but for the purpose of growing an ivy topiary. This is an awesome idea. Next time I see some wire spheres for a good price I'm getting them!

I know this is from Joss and Main. Look what just adding a piece of burlap can do and stencil on some numbers. Add some twigs or flowers.....

Everything about this I love. The colors and all the extras. Fresh lilacs could only be used at the end of May where I live. 

This pail has been used on an entry table. A very balanced arrangement.

One of my favorites! A dining table topper with hydrangeas!  What more can I say?

So just a few ideas for my friend down the road. There are so many more uses for a galvanized buckets! Do you have any ideas?


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