Thursday, May 23, 2013

Elements and Patience

Hello Everyone! I write to you  at the end of a not so warm day. I am really getting an itch to be outside and start  in on some paint projects. I have many on my list to do.
 First let me explain my refinishing headquarters. I live in a small house with no garage. Therefore I have no special "hobby room" or garage to paint in that I can just leave things out half way done to pick-up and work on the next day. Wouldn't that be so nice! When I paint it is outside at the mercy of the elements. Now I am not saying I don't ever leave an upholstery project out in my house because I do and my living room sometimes looks like it is temporarily under construction or something. And don't forget all of the kids toys laying around. I love my kids and everything that goes with them and I also love my projects. I get experience the best of both worlds in my house right. Lets just say that at the same time I dabble in the art of furniture I also dabble in the art of PATIENCE. 

 Speaking of patience, I have a chair that has been patient with me. Do you see the neglect there. The poor foam on the this chair has been picked on a little bit by my two year old. This chair has waited on me long enough that is is now time to make her beautiful again. 

 I have had some scraps of material laying around that will match each other perfectly. I am excited to get this going while I patiently wait for my good weather to paint outside. Put in a good word to the weatherman please! Come back to see my finished barrel chair.

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