Friday, May 24, 2013

Breaking it Down.. a look at the slipcover process

Previously I posted the before and after shots of my slipcover that I made for my couch. I always like to see the in between stages so take a little look at some of the shots I took during the process.

I didn't have to hem very much at all for this slipcover. I just hemmed the back two openings of the slipcover and the skirt. 

All of the rest I just pinned and pinned and pinned......

 It is a little tricky because you have to think backwards  and pin everything backwards.....

  Here is the outside wing pinned....

 Looking at the back of the couch. After I pinned I trimmed all the fabric but left a little room just in case I had to do any more adjusting.

 Turning right side out to check the fit.

 Near the end of the project and pinning the shape of the arm.

Now all I had left to do was turn it right side out and pin on the piping and the skirt. I just eyeballed the skirt as I pinned it in place. This was my favorite part because it was all coming together and looking cuter with each ripple in the skirt. 

Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the Summer! HURRAY! Everyone enjoy your weekend and  the beginning of a great summer! Keep checking in and subscribe to my  blog to get a heads up on whats new!


  1. Hi,
    Well done on your slipcover! For someone who has never done it before, you've done a fabulous job and to add to the fabulous-ness of the slipcover you actually made covered piping. Speaking of the piping, did you make the cover on the bias or just sewed on strips of fabric?
    Looking forward to many more projects!

    1. Thank you Cathy for stopping by a looking at my blog! I have been doing my studying for this project. Watching a lot of tutorials and seeing pictures helps. I actually watched some of Miss Mustard Seed's tutorials which gave a lot of good advice. As for the bias I just sewed the cording inside of a 2" strip of fabric. I cut strips from one side of the selvage across to the other. I am one of those people who try to use every last bit of fabric and cutting on the bias takes a lot of extra yardage it seems. It worked out good for me. Keep checking in for my other projects Cathy!