Monday, May 13, 2013


I have an old couch I bought at garage sale nearly six years ago. It came as a set with a love seat and recliner. As the kids kept coming and my house started shrinking I had to part with the other two matching pieces.They had a few structure issues as well and I was afraid the next time I had company over one of them were going to collapse. That wouldn't be awesome.

So that left me with a wing love seat. This pic is a 2008 find. 

    I just couldn't part with it and its high back. It's frame was good but it needed a face lift. Then one day it was staring right back at me telling me " Sew me a slipcover". I got to work doing my homework researching fabric stores with the best deals, online of coarse. I ordered everything I needed and  the last shipment came in today including my cording and a much needed new zipper foot. 

WOO HOO! I am excited to start making the piping for the couch!

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