Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Refinished Church Pew

Hello Friends! What a crazy few days I have had. Monday was a HUGE laundry day and cleaning day for me. Whenever I do a deep clean I find myself rearranging furniture. Moving furniture means rearranging decor. I had fun but by the time I was done and bedtime rolled around I was ready! Tuesday was a town day along with immunizations for the baby and Dentist appointments for my two other kiddos. After all that chaos was the groceries. I may have turned a few heads with my kids and food overflowing out of my cart. And here we are today!!!!

Over the weekend I finished staining one of my church pews. YES!! The weather was perfect to stain in. Thank you "Weather Man"! I learned a lot from this project that can help you in future projects. Be looking for the VINTAGE DARK WALNUT STAIN TUTORIAL. I could have gotten done a lot sooner with this project had I known some things before hand. But all is well when you can learn something new!

I need to cure the wood and make a few throw pillows to complete the project. I couldn't wait to show it.
You may notice an unfinished piece of wood attached to the bottom of the pew. I haven't decided on whether or not  I will take it off. It was the piece that was nailed to the church floor to hold the pews in place. 
What do you think?

 I know my pictures aren't awesome. Someday I'll get a better camera.

Here is one more look at the color of wood before.

Here is a sneak peak of something else I plan on doing for this room. (Big cheesy grin on my face!)

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  1. I love what you did to your church pew. where did you buy it? I just bought one today at a garage sale for $25.00. I plan on painting mine white.

    1. Thank you Julie for visiting me! I bought mine from a friend. She collects antiques but didn't have the space for them anymore. She purchased them from a man that had been hanging on to them for quite a while. They came from one of the first Church buildings in Burley,Idaho. Late 1800s! I have another one but I am iffy on painting it. I love the rich wood color in old pieces with a good story! Good luck with yours! I would like to see it when you have it finished!

  2. I also have ours repainted. It has the same style as yours, but I chose to paint it in white over baby pink undercoat to create a chic distressed look.