Monday, June 10, 2013

Saved From a Workshop

Hello Friends! I discovered a great little shelve at an Estate Sale. This piece was sitting in a workshop covered in dust and grease. I spotted it right away as the layers of paint revealed its age. I picked this up for a whopping $2.50.

 When I showed it to a friend I think they were wondering why in the world I would buy a   beat up chippy paint job like this. We all have our own style and thats the beauty about decorating our own homes. It was perfect to me! 

After I unloaded my gems at home I took this aside and scraped the rest of the paint that was about to fall off and gave it a good wash with a bucket of soapy water. I would have left it as is but I'm sure this paint is sooo old it has lead in it so I gave it a few good coats of Rustoleum Lacquer. 

You can see there are three coats of paint on this girl. I found it interesting how the shades of green got lighter with each new  coat of paint. I love love love this and love it even more for its natural chippy imperfect beauty.

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