Friday, June 7, 2013

A little Shabby Chic in Cleaning

I was sorting through my cleaners the other day and I realized I really have a lot of this and that. Some new cleaners yet to be used, some old ones I occasionally use, and a whole lot of different kinds that serve different purposes. Lets just say I have more that necessary. My blog motto is "Keeping it Simple and Keeping it Real". So here I am sharing a tip to simplify your cleaning closet and getting rid of those harsh chemicals.

 As I was reading a few blogs I came across a cute blogger named Kerryanne from Australia. She has some good ideas on all natural cleaners along with a lot of other fun things.
You can take a look at her cleaner recipes here! Please go visit Kerryanne!
Here is a look at a slip cover project I'm working on.

Go here to see what project it is. Do you remember what this fabric goes to?

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