Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dining Table Delights

What piece of furniture in your house could be more important than the dining room table? It is my favorite because it's a great place for a family to gather, share a meal, and "bond"! As a family grows their schedules get crazier. Being together in one spot is always a nice way to bring us all back to what matters most. Lets take a look at a few favorite pieces of mine I found that has given me inspiration for my own dining room.

Loving the white clean look and the windows. Another eye catcher for me is the shelving above.

This contrast is color is beautiful!

Some of my favorite colors: Blue and White
Note the shelving again!

Take a look at the chairs to this table. THEY ARE ALL DIFFERENT! I love it! Perfect for all you garage sale ladies to pick up those random chairs here and there. Also a good pick for me as I like everything and can't make up my mind!

The zebra print caught my eye with the french scroll chairs.  Lovely!

Here is the classic farmhouse table with those beautiful natural wood and white tone contrasts! I'm drooling over tables with no food on them!

 And here is a space that I thought was just fun! Wouldn't it be nice to have a little nook for this set up. Now Mom needs a cook and a waiter!

Have a great day and sit down and enjoy a meal with your family! Until then...


*All of these images are from the clever mind of another special person. Taken from Pinterest... my favorite place too!

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