Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pillow Covers and a WEDDING!

For a while now I have been debating on fabric to use for some throw pillows. All the fabric I love range from $20 to $40 a yard. Not really in my budget and I want a variety. Pillows for my couch have just been a dusty word on my to-do list until I was shopping for a few brief minutes at Joanne's the other day.

 I noticed a sale going on  in their Home Decor Sample Section (I'm a sucker for good sales!). They had about two isles full of sample swatches for a $1 each! All of them were on clearance because they were discontinuing the fabric.

 "What in the world would you do with all these sample swatches that apparently you can't order yardage anymore?"
 I asked another fellow shopper with a handful in her arms what she was going to do with them. She had a brilliant mind and told me she was taking them home to make throw pillows for her couches and bed.

 My eyes lit up and the gears started turning  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great idea!  I quickly picked my three favorite colors for my living room : RED,GREEN, and BLUE. I grabbed enough for 6 pillows, a front and a back. I was so excited to finally get some pillows on my couch! 

They were mostly all from the Robert Allen Collection and.....

... the Waverly Collection. These swatches were 16" x 16". If you order a sample online, which is usually only an 8" x 8" sample, they can be $2 to $4 a piece.

All the colors went well together and tied in the room well.
This is how they turned out!

With different sides they are reversible!

They are also removable to wash or change out pillows which I need to put new pillow forms in  that fit. They take a 16" x 16" form but I had only a few around and ended up using a very flat dwindling standard pillow to stuff inside one of the covers. Not a permanent solution but it will work until I find another AWESOME sale!  

Watch for the tutorial I will be posting for "Sample Fabric Swatches to Pillow Covers"


P.S. I have been behind on my blogging because at the last minute a wedding and reception for my baby Sister was held where we live. She had a fine location picked out in a pretty pasture with shady trees but a few bulls trespassed a fence line and left a few pleasant surprises just a few days before the Wedding Day!

Our kind friends that own the ranch where we live offered to let my Sister get married here! I had double duties on top of the things I was already helping her with. So I was busy!

It turned out to be a beautiful mixed culture wedding with perfect weather and scenery!
 A perfect 

I will have to post more about it later. These pictures done by KR Photography were great!

Time to get some other things done!


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