Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dining Wall Display

What a super day it is! 
My house is dirty, laundry needs washing, floors need mopped, and I get to organize my piles of papers in my office today!!........ I AM EXCITED!!!......... Don't let yourselves be fooled I am just giving myself a pep talk for events that will occur today. It really is a super day though. Got to get some fun in so I want to share a little display I have had on my wall in my Kitchen that was fun to put together. I have already changed my mind and am moving it somewhere else. I have Decorators A.D.D. or .... I don't know what you would call it. I just get tired of the same thing and move things once in a while.

 I am a big fan of pitchers and have collected just a few from various places. The problem is displaying them somewhere as I have little hands that would love to play with them and no china hutch or nooks to keep them in.

At a garage sale I found this white shelf  for a 50 cents. It has a chunk of wood missing and is all chipped up. Perfect! It is actually hanging upside down. It had a rod in it to hold towels. I flipped it and took out the rod because I liked the looks better and I could also stretch a strand of wire across it to keep my glass from falling out.

I found the plates at a Tia Pan Trading Store and the jars are old ones of my Great Grandma who canned  A LOT! I remember going into (well looking into) her spider infested root cellar and seeing all her rows of canned pickles, tomatoes, peaches, pears, carrots, beans.... you name it.

I love to display and decorate with meaning. I really appreciate the hard work of the life before my time that made it possible for me to be here.


Chandelier update! 
I have been getting my hands dirty working on rewiring and assembling a chandelier for above my dining table.  I talked about the tutorial here and shared a few chandelier ideas.

Keep watching for the makeover. 

Have a great day and  now I am going to turn on my music and play housemaid! YIPPEE!


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